Best Apps to Assist You With Weight Loss

With the fast development of technology nowadays, mobile phones are not considered anymore just an ordinary communication instrument. The apparatus, more and more sophisticated, has become the main ingredient in its owner’s recipe of life. This happens because mobile phones are today used for many other purposes, other than that of just communicating. For instance, you can transform your mobile phone into your own fitness trainer, with the help of some weight loss app’s which can help you effectively lose those extra pounds.

With all the possibilities that internet provides nowadays, it is quite easy to find, among the variety of app’s, the best-suited weight loss app’s for your needs. You can install them on your mobile phone, and these can effectively help you with anything, including losing those extra calories.

Due to the abundance of all the weight loss app’s existing nowadays on the online platform, in the following lines, you will learn about some of the most relevant weight loss app’s that can effectively help you to better monitor your activity.


If you want to lose weight, there is a quite interesting and helpful mobile app, called Fooducate. This provides several classifications for what foods you chose to include into your diet. The app uses a scale from A, which stands for very good, up until D, that means bad. In this way you will know what grade your foods will get, A, B, c or D. Just like during school times, right?

Fooducate also offers a variety of healthy food alternatives. The app does this considering your weight, your height, gender and what diet you have decided to follow.

Best Personal Trainers Apps

The technology’s market provides a series of weight loss app’s that can effectively coach you through the whole process of getting rid of extra pounds.


Fitbit is an app which helps you make a weekly balance of the number of calories which you got to burn during work out routines. Also, the app monitors the kilometers you have walked and the kilos you got to lose, or, on the contrary, that you have gained. It all about monitoring progresses, right?


This is the app that helps you to stay motivated in the whole process of losing weight. Moreover, you can share your results also with other users, on social networks.

Fitocracy also puts you in connection with virtual trainers who will support you in doing what you got to do to lose weight.


MapMyFitness is the app that has traditional functions, such as monitoring all the burnt calories and monitoring what and how physical exercises work for your weight.

The app is worth to be mentioned because it was thought to be synchronized with many of the fitness machines one uses, to monitor all the effort you make.


As the name itself suggests, Runtastic is thought to keep track of the distance you make, the speed you use or how much time it takes you to work out through running or biking. The app marks on a map the route you make, so that other people can find you to work out together with you.

Runtastic also counts the calories you burn and so you are able to know what sort of exercising you can choose.

Noom Coach: Weight Loss

This app follows not only the number of calories that you consume but also the physical exercises you do. In this way, you are provided with your own personal trainer that will motivate you to keep on going and who will give you immediate feedback. This app will also help you find the best articles regarding fitness and nutrition.

When you are in search of some challenges, give these apps a try

The following weight loss apps were thought to bring something new in the whole process of losing extra pounds. They promise their users some quite bold results, and although these may sound a little too far to be achieved, you could give them a try. What do you have to lose?

Charity Miles

The idea of this weight loss app is to make you earn some money while you make a certain number of kilometers. In other words, through Charity Miles, each kilometer that you make will help you earn more money. These sums of money are afterward donated to certain charity organizations which you can pick by yourself. You get to be paid with 10 dollars for miles of walking and with 25 dollars for each mile that you run.

Couch to 5K

This may sound a little surprising, but this weight loss app is destined to those individuals who have very few physical activities and who do not have them at all. In just three months, the virtual trainers and the plans put up together by them will prepare you to finish a whole 5-kilometer run. Sounds kind of bold, doesn’t it?

Runtastic Six Pack: Abs Trainer

The app provides a series of various fitness exercises from which you are suggested to choose the ones you find more suitable for you. In just 10 days, the app assures you that you will get a toned abdomen. Of course, the app will give you help and guidance for each of the fitness exercises that are adapted for the muscle group you want to work.

All in all, these weight loss app’s can become a really good ally in the struggle of getting rid of extra pounds, if you use them wisely and according to your needs. With all the variety displayed by the technology market nowadays, it is not difficult at all to find the best weight loss app for you.

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