Can You Lose Weight with Probiotics?

Probiotics have a long and complicated story because ever since they were discovered, they were strongly and continually contested by many scientists who believe that they can have some health benefits, but these strong properties are somehow limited. But there are other people in the microbiologic field that are still studying the health improvements of the good bacteria flora that is actually naturally living inside our organism and have strongly affirmed that this small microorganism can bring many positive changes inside our digestive system and in fact into our whole body, preventing and even treating some bad medical conditions like diarrhea, stomach problems or even some types of cancer.[1]

Probiotic bacteria are even though to prevent cellular damaging and aging, also preventing and slowing down the other negative signs of the aging process by strengthening our immune system and our metabolism, so we can say that probiotics can also provide youth and a long, healthy overall life and it is essential to maintain a healthy number of probiotic strains inside our organism if we want to live a long, fulfilled life.

When it comes to the connection between probiotic bacteria and weight loss aiding, this aspect is also under a constant scientific debate. But it seems that probiotic microflora inside our gut acts just like an independent organ, being responsible for maintaining a healthy level of the cholesterol, blood sugar, even preventing obesity and other overweight related problems.[2]

Many research studies have shown the fact that probiotic bacteria can influence your metabolic response to the food you eat daily and can maintain your body weight at a healthy rate, preventing fat cells to form deposits on your body. More, in some fecal samples, researchers have found two types of good essential bacteria strains named Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes, and they have proved that these probiotics, once ingested inside our organism, can provide energy and body strength for a proper energy balance.[3]

Some other conclusive studies have shown that health supplements richened with different strains and as many populations of probiotic bacteria as possible can help in reducing the inflammation of the gut cells and weight gain, having a robust and active anti-obesity effect.

Lactobacillus gasseri is the most efficient weight loss and fat burning probiotic effective in human subjects, according to the late research studies. This good bacteria has an antibacterial and antiviral action, and it can be found in our intestines, the vagina of women and other body places and besides its natural protective role against different types of infections and medical problems, it can also reduce fat absorbing into the digestive system and fat depositing on your body or onto your organs, especially in the liver or in the abdominal area. So you should start to consume probiotic-rich foods if you want to maintain a healthy and balanced weight mass, to be robust and healthy and to live a long life.[4]

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