The CLA Safflower Oil: My personal experience with weight loss

Ever since I was little, I loved food very much, and I was never a huge fan of sports. As you probably know, this is the exact recipe for disaster. And by disaster, I mean obesity. Now that I think about it, I was actually quite lucky to be born with a pretty good metabolism. I say this because even when I was in college, and I was eating lots and lots of unhealthy things and constantly being on the couch in front of the TV, I was never obese even if I probably should have been with the way I was living my life. Still, I was not thin either, and I always had a problem with my body because I knew it was not meeting the standards of a society that say that we should all be thin and healthy. I was never confident, and I would wear shirts with long sleeves even in summer when it was extremely hot outside because I absolutely hated my arms. Here, I am going to talk about my experience with weight loss and what helped me personally. So if you are one of those people who know that they should stop eating chocolate or if you are now regularly visiting a fast food restaurant for basically every meal of the day, but you still want to lose weight, you might be reading the right thing.

How I decided to use weight loss supplements

My family and friends knew how much I did not like my body and how much I wanted to lose weight so they always told me that there is no quick fix for weight loss and that I should not try diet pills or anything else because they could be harmful. So I listened to them, and for years I tried to lose weight “the healthy way”. This meant that I would try to work out every day and I would try to take care of what I am eating on a daily basis and things like that. Unfortunately, none of this worked for me for more than a few months. I would always end up giving up and going back to junk food and back to sitting on the couch, probably because I lacked motivation or will power. So I finally decided to try “diet pills”, but I wanted to make sure that I am going for healthy and natural ones.

I found quite a few natural weight loss pills, that were only made out of organic ingredients and that had absolutely no side effects. I did a lot of research on them and unfortunately for me, most people said that these supplements will not make any difference in your weight if you do not pair them with healthy eating habits and regular exercises. While it makes sense, this was not the best option for me because I tried that before and it only worked for very short periods of time. When I was able to work out every day and eat healthy meals, I would only be able to do it for a few weeks or a month, which was either not enough time for me to lose weight or if I were able to lose weight, I would quickly gain it all back after I would give up. But when I was about to stop looking for weight loss supplements, I found a pretty popular yet recent one called the CLA Safflower Oil that claimed to be able to help me lose weight even without any exercise or without following a strict diet.

What is the CLA Safflower Oil supplement?

While I was always thought not to go for the kind of supplements that promise you the world, or in my case weight loss without any effort, this one did catch my eye fairly quickly because it is completely natural as well. Obviously, reading the label was not enough for me so I started doing more research about this supplement and its ingredients. And I found out that the two main ingredients are conjugated linoleic acid and safflower oil. These are two ingredients that have been thoroughly tested and the results showed significant weight loss even without diet and exercise, which seemed unbelievable to me.

But then, I started looking at the customer reviews to see what people think. After all, that is where you usually can find the truth about these supplements because if there is anything wrong with the product, nobody will advertise that on their labels. To my surprise, this supplement also had lots of great feedback from clients who were saying that they started eating a lot less after using this and had more energy. There were even lots of testimonials from people who were losing over twenty pounds in a month with this product.

So I decided to try it myself and let me tell you, I started feeling much more energetic and even happy in the first week of using that. Not only that, but I also stopped thinking about food as much. I was still getting hungry, but it was only when I was supposed to eat. And because I was not thinking about food as much, I stopped eating snacks when I was bored or stressed which made a huge difference in how healthy my diet was.

Although the product is supposed to make you lose weight without any diet and exercise, I did go to the gym once a week because I know how important health and movement are. But I did not do any exercise that was extremely hard for me. Everything seemed easier actually because I was having a lot more energy.

The bottom line and my results

I managed to lose ten pounds in one month and then I stopped using the product, but I am still losing weight which is fantastic. It also helped me change my eating habits because now I do not feel the need for junk food or sweets anymore even though I do not take the CLA Safflower Oil.

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