Fibers and Weight Loss | A Smart Approach to Losing Weight Healthy

We all know how unsatisfying long strict diets can be, especially if we cannot even stick to them or that they do not even work as we want them to. They are exactly as unsatisfying as waking up every morning to go to the gym when all we want to do is stay in bed and sleep a little bit more. However, there is some good news for those of us who are a little bit lazier.

We all know how, when on a strict diet, the biggest problem is the desire to eat everything that we are craving, but what if we could lose weight by eating? It sounds crazy, but it is true. By eating filling foods that are rich in proteins, fibers and fat that comes from plants, we can keep our tummies flat and our bodies healthy. Are you wondering how? Well, these types of foods make you feel full for a longer time through slowing down the digestion process and the nutrient absorption process. That way, you do not get a craving, and you do not raise your blood sugar.


You can eat less without even realizing it, and you do not have to restrict yourself at all. There are even some foods that have a small number of calories, and the digestion process burns more calories than the food has. That way you are losing weight by eating something very delicious. But what are these magical foods that help us reduce our weight? They are all just common foods that are rich in nutrients, and they can double your body’s number of burnt calories.

You know how fruits and vegetables have always been considered a healthy food choice? Well, that is because they contain a lot of water. About ninety percent of each fruit and vegetable is water. Not only is that extremely beneficial for your overall health, but it can also fill you up so that you do not feel hungry for a long time and you do not eat more food than you need in a day. They also bring a lot of other health benefits to the table.

Most fruits like apples and bananas contain vitamin E which is a great antioxidant and it is necessary if you want all of your organs to function properly. Vitamin E also prevents diseases of the circulatory system. From fruits like oranges and lemons, we all know we can get vitamin C, which helps us treat and prevent colds and flus, but not many of us now that we can find vitamin C in potatoes as well. By eating lots of fruit and vegetables, you lose weight, improve your digestive system’s health and stop water weight retention all without putting yourself through a terribly restricting diet. Try to eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables. From broccoli, kale, tomatoes and spinach to strawberries, cantaloupes and grapes, it is all beneficial to you in your weight loss process.

Any food high in fiber can help you lose weight. Why? Because fiber can fill you up like no other type of nutrient. Without making any other changes to your diet, add some fiber to it. You will see a tremendous difference in the quality of the food that you will eat. But how much fiber should you add in your diet? Well first, find out how many calories total you eat in a day. Then, for every thousand calories, add at least eight grams of fiber to your diet. Now let us see how we can find this amount of fibers in food that we eat every single day of our lives.

Many fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, so if you are a fan of them, you are in luck. An ordinary apple, for example, can contain from 3 to 5 grams of fiber, depending on its size. Another delicious food that is high in fiber is raspberries.  You can fill a cup with twenty to thirty raspberries, and you can eat it just like that, as a snack or you can find healthy recipes that include that amount of raspberries, and you got yourself about eight or nine grams of fiber. Another example that is very similar to our last one is strawberries, which can be found more quickly, but they have a little bit fewer fibers.


A medium cup of strawberries can offer you three to five grams of fiber, but this fruit can also contribute to improving your skin and the whiteness of your teeth. In case fruits and vegetables are not exactly your cup of tea, you can try different things, for example, chickpeas or almonds. Chickpeas are very rich in fiber. From a small cup, you can get from eight to ten grams of fiber. Almonds are another great idea because they can make for a fantastic snack that keeps you full throughout the day. It is a lot better than some unhealthy snack that you may find at the store, and it can offer you four grams of fiber and six grams of protein, even if you only consume a small cup of them. Not only do almonds help you lose weight, but they can also contribute to improving your skin, hair, and nails.

Another great food that makes you lose weight is the lovely white meat that we get from fish. We get it from oily fish, like salmon or we get it from tuna, which has very few calories, and it is very high in protein. Nonetheless, white meat is an incredibly healthy choice for any of us who are trying to lose some unwanted weight. These types of fish are full of protein and other high-quality nutrients. They also contain an important nutrient called iodine that keeps the thyroid gland running properly which makes our metabolism function optimally. That is critical for a less straining weight loss process.

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