Marijuana Can Help You Lose Weight

Ever thought that cannabis consumption can help you get rid of those extra pounds you have been complaining about? Well, it is true, and we are here to give you some insight on the matter.

Does this sound kind of bizarre to you? Well, it is most natural for you to think like this because one of the main effects that marijuana consumption has is those very traditional “munchies”, right? You should know that not all cannabis makes you eat like a lunatic even the weirdest foods combinations. It is all about fully acknowledging the various species of marijuana that you have at your disposal. To catch more of your interest in this whole matter, you should learn that certain strains even have the potential to help you better manage your appetite, by making you eat even less than you normally do.

The essential idea to be beard in mind is that the main difference between a cannabis strain that makes you eat a lot and one which stops you from doing that is the amount of the two main compounds found in this plant. CBD and THC are believed to have the strongest effects on the human body, once they get to enter the system. So let us see in the following lines show the different amounts of these chemical substances existing in the cannabis plant can help you or not to lose some extra pounds.

High CBD Sativa plant for fewer kilos

There are certain marijuana strains which bring forward high amounts of CBD and a tiny quantity of THC. So one thing is sure: if you want to get rid of extra pounds, you should always turn to high CBD plants. In fact, researchers were able to discover that while some cannabis species can make eat more and uncontrollably, CBD, this cannabidiol found in the marijuana plant, has a great potential of suppressing your appetite.

Moreover, several experiments revealed how CBD could significantly work on THC, regarding blocking no only its “munchies” effect, but also other euphoric ones. So if you are wondering what such a cannabis strain is, you should know that in some parts were marijuana is legal, you can find it under the name of Harlequin. This is part of the Cannabis Sativa family and the great thing about it that it has nothing in common with a drug because you will not get any of the psychoactive effects that some marijuana strains bring along.

You will get a great feeling of calmness and boost in the way you get to concentrate on the tasks you need to carry out through ought the whole day. However, like any other treatment, an excessisve behavior is not allowed, only if you want to feel sedated all day long and I firmly believe that you do not want this.

Citrus flavor for your high CBD strain

Everybody has noticed that with years passing by, science and technology are constantly developing. The same is valid also for the marijuana field if we can call it like this, considering the businesses that some people are making out of it. So we go back to what we mentioned earlier, high CBD amounts in your cannabis plant will have something to say in what your diet is concerned.

In comparison with the first strain, we talked about previously, this one, called Cannatonic, consist of a slightly higher THC amount, somewhere at 6% or even less. Experts say that it all depends on the individuals taking it because we are different and we get to react differently to the same stimuli. So, while others may not feel anything at all apart from the small appetite due to the high CBD contents of the strain, others may get to experience a very healthy euphoric boost.

Nevertheless, you should not worry at all that you might experience a “stoning” activity while having it, the Cannatonic cannabis strain that is, because the percentage of those who get to experience some psychoactive effects is quite small. Some people who have already given it a try say that this one could greatly replace the alcohol from a party, considering the flow they felt in better socializing with other guests. It is just an idea and nothing else…

Equal amounts of cannabinoids can also work for you

So there is this other cannabis strain, called One-to-one because the amounts of both THC and CBD are equal. If you are a marijuana smoker for several years now, you will, most likely, not feel any of the psychoactive effects, even though CBD ratio is closely followed up by the THC one. This one should significantly work for those of you who wish to control their appetite better, not necessarily suppress it to lose a lot of weight. Sometimes, it is ok to eat frequently, but more organized.

If you are new to this whole cannabis strain matter, you might get a little too excited with this one-to-one strain because your endocannabinoid system is not used to such substances. But no worries, because you will still not get that “munchies” effect that could make you gain extra kilos.

So these would be some of the most known cannabis strains to support your losing weight process. Of course, never assume that just by smoking such buds you will get to become a Victoria’s Secret model. You still need to work out and take care of what you are eating. High CBD marijuana strains are just a significant, I must add, additional help for melting away extra pounds.

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  • Priscilla M October 24, 2017 at 9:14 pm

    Didn’t knew marijuana could have such side effects. I guess I’ll take advantage of its benefits from now on 🙂


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