Phentermine: The Substance That can Help You Lose Weight

Phen or phentermine is a substance similar to amphetamines which act as an appetite suppressant by affecting the central nervous system and smoothening this way the process of weight loss. In combination with diet and physical exercise, Phen has been proven to give positive results for obese patients who had to lose weight due to severe consequences of their obesity over the healthy functioning of their organs such as heart, kidneys, lungs, or liver.

phentermine-chemical-formula-structureThe main characteristic of Phen, like in the case of some amphetamines resides in its capacity of speeding up the body’s reaction speed. This is why apart from an accelerated metabolism; Phen also can give you a boost of energy and focus, as it also stimulates the brain together with the other parts of the human body.

Apart from that, Phen is also renowned for suppressing appetite, which is highly correlated with weight loss. Like most other amphetamines, Phen also releases an excess of dopamine in the human brain which is meant to accentuate sensations of euphoria, and which has transformed in the past decades the amphetamines into highly abused recreational drugs, very addictive too, when not used under medical observation.

Of course, used under medical observation and according to the specialist’s prescription, Phen does not have the harming potential other types of amphetamines might have on the human body when used and abused as recreational drugs.

For the treatment of obesity, Phen is used in a variety of weight loss pills, due to its capacity of suppressing the appetite, while at the same time giving a boost in energy to the body so that the metabolic functions are accelerated.

The main advantage of Phen stays in the potential of this substance of suppressing with high efficiency your appetite, which for a person that needs to lose a lot of weight might be a life-saving solution. Phen is also used in cases of obesity in people that have side health issues which enable them using other types of weight loss medication. These cases are the people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes.

Most of the reviews from a user who have undertaken a treatment for weight loss with Phen suggest the fact that indeed, the first days of treatment result in a boost of energy that needs to be consumed through moderate physical effort, like walking. Other symptoms that are recurring refers to the dry mouth syndrome and also to the sensation of anxiety or jitteriness experienced in the first days of treatment. Many users have reported weight loss of between 2 and 11 pounds in the first week of treatment, most of those admitting that complementary to the treatment they have been doing physical exercise and cutting the size of their food portions.

In the case of the patients that have undertaken the treatment with Phen for obesity, indeed the results tend to be more spectacular, with losses of even 19 pounds in a couple of weeks of treatment.

One must keep in mind though the fact that the prescribed treatment with Phen is usually no more than three months long in cases of obesity, the main goal of the pill being that of starting you on the process of weight loss. The suppressed appetite can get into easier into healthier eating patterns that you will be able to follow also once the treatment is finished.

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