Phentermine and Weight Loss: Benefits and Side Effects

Obesity and overweight are serious health issues that our society has to deal with. It is never an easy decision to turn your life around and make drastic changes to lose weight. First and most important changes concern the diet and the amount of daily physical activity. Sometimes, all the goodwill and effort are not enough, and there is the need for dietary supplements in order to lose a noticeable amount of weight. Phentermine is an option worth taking into consideration.

What is Phentermine?

Phentermine is the generic name for several weight loss supplements like Adipex-P, Ionamin, Suprenza or Fastin. It was first approved by Food and Drug Administration 1959 as a diet drug, and since then it was present on the market with different names and combinations. This is a controlled substance prescribed to overweight people and those with Body mass index over 30 because it suppresses the appetite and stimulates the body to burn calories faster. This dietary supplement should be taken strictly under medical supervision, and it is not recommended to be used for more than three weeks. This drug influences the nervous system by stimulating the neurotransmitters, which are chemical found in the brain.

How should Phentermine be used?

First of all, Phentermine is not an over the counter drug; it can be obtained only with a medical prescription. Just taking a pill is not enough to achieve the desired results. Using Phentermine comes with necessary dietary changes and regular physical exercises. This drug is used in the case of obese people and those with weight problems related to medical conditions. The risk of developing many chronical diseases caused by obesity like high blood pressure, heart conditions or diabetes is reduced by losing weight and also keeping it off.

It is assumed that this medication works by reducing the appetite and boost the energy level in the body by influencing certain parts of the brain. Because of this it Phentermine is included in the class of drugs known as sympathomimetic amines.

Phentermine is presented as pills and as tablets made to dissolve in the mouth. This medication should be taken according to the doctor’s indications. Usually, it is recommended to swallow one pill one hour before breakfast or up to two hours after lunch. Do not crush or chew the pill, make sure you swallow it whole to avoid increasing the risk of side effects. The doctor could divide the daily dose into three shares a day. Careful not to take the pill to late, because it might cause some trouble sleeping. If using the tablets, you should dissolve one in the mouth in the morning. It can be taken with or without food as well.

To reduce the risk of side effects like depression or severe tiredness, this treatment should not be followed for more than three weeks or also with other appetite suppressors. Also, the dose of Phentermine should be reduced gradually and not stopped suddenly. The producer warns users to use this medication carefully because it might cause addiction.

Precautions and Side Effects of Phentermine

The Food and Drug Administration warns about the limited usage of Phentermine, of maximum three weeks. Also, you should avoid using this medication if you are aware of any of the following medical conditions: atherosclerosis, glaucoma, heart conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure, overactive thyroid or if you have a history of drug abuse. If you are or think you might be pregnant or you are breastfeeding tell the doctor before starting the treatment with Phentermine because this drug might cause damage to the baby.

Inform your doctor if using Phentermine because the close medical monitor is necessary during treatment because of the high risk of side effects of this medication. Immediately stop using Phentermine is you experience any of the following symptoms which could threaten your life:  chest pain, difficulty breathing, feeling faint or swelling of the legs and ankles.

When first start using Phentermine you might experience some mild side effects like insomnia, dry mouth, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness or constipation. They should go away in a couple of days, if not address to your doctor. Check your blood pressure regularly because the active substance of Phentermine can cause an increased blood pressure.

Severe side effects with less probability to occur are a fast or irregular heartbeat, mood changes, uncontrolled muscle movements, severe headache, insomnia, seizure, upset stomach, shaking or trembling, slurred speech, difficulties to concentrate, bad taste in the mouth, tiredness, blurred vision or weakness of the body. The use of Phentermine is rarely the cause of lung failure or heart problems. Stop using this medication and seek immediate medical help.

Allergic reactions to this drug are extremely rare, but symptoms like itching, rash, swelling, trouble breathing or severe dizziness could indicate an allergy, and immediate medical attention is required.

Remember that the doctor recommended you this drug because he or she was convinced that the benefits are higher than the risks and the possibility of dealing with side effects is small, but the risk increases with a more extended use of the product. Phentermine becomes less efficient, the longer it is taken so when the effects of this substance diminish you should stop using it at all.

Phentermine Interactions with Other Medication and Substances

Always inform your doctor if you take any medication before starting the treatment with Phentermine, no matter how harmless they seem. Give a complete list including vitamins, protein powders, over the counter medicines, herbal therapies, nutritional shakes, illegal or recreational drugs or any other supplements. Don’t forget to mention any known allergies, because the product could include some inactive ingredients, which might generate allergic reactions and other medical problems.

If you use other medications, do not stop using them or change the dose without medical advice. Usually, Phentermine shouldn’t be used with certain drugs because the interaction could cause severe health problems. Phentermine is an appetite suppressant, and it shouldn’t be used with other types of appetite suppressants. MAO inhibitors could cause fatal reactions when combined with this drug. The use of any MAO inhibitors should be stopped with about two weeks before starting the use of Phentermine.

Morning coffee and other drinks containing caffeine might increase the side effects of the medication, so avoid drinking copious amounts of this kind of beverage or overeat chocolate. Phentermine might cause dizziness, so it is not a good idea to drive, operate heavy machines or do any activity which requires alertness. You should avoid consuming alcohol during the treatment. The medication could also influence specific laboratory tests, giving false results. Make sure to inform the medicals staff of the laboratory about this detail.

If you have diabetes, the doctor might need to adjust the dose of your medication for this condition, so it is essential always to check the level of blood sugar.

How to use Phentermine to Lose Weight

Phentermine is the dietary pill most frequently prescribed by doctors in the USA because it brings noticeable results for losing weight in a short time. If you are ok with all the side effects mentioned above, and you and your doctor consider that the risk of dealing with them is relatively reduced, it is essential to understand what you need to do to obtain the best results from this medication:

Drink Water

Drinking lots of water is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Water is essential for proper function of all bodily functions, especially for boosting metabolism to burn fat faster. Also, the brain sometimes mistakes the sensation of thirst with hunger. To make sure you don’t suffer from dehydration, try drinking some hot water first to check if you still feel hungry. Drinking water will fill your stomach and suppress the hunger feeling without any calories. It is recommended to drink water regularly throughout the day, but it is imperative to have a glass 20 minutes before each meal to give your stomach the chance to feel full and so you will eat less.

Drinking water is also critical to enhance the benefits of Phentermine. Usually, results are noticed within the first week on using this medication if people drink water. The body reacts to dehydration and diets rich in sodium by retaining the water reserves so the scale will show higher numbers. Once the body gets used to the idea of getting regular amounts of water, it will stop making reserves and let go of all the excess. The result will be noticed on the scale.

The most common side effect of phentermine, dry mouth, is relieved by constant consumption of water. Water is not enough to cancel this symptom because the main reason is a lack of saliva. Phen drink can cancel this sensation when mixed with water. This is a complimentary drink which enhances the benefits of Phentermine and contains ingredients like green tea, guarana, ginger, and polyphenols, and it can be consumed without worrying about the weight because it is also sugar-free, carb-free and calorie free.

Eat The Right Foods

Even if Phentermine manages to suppress the appetite, it is essential to eat the right food to lose weight. Many factors influence the food quantity, and it varies from one individual to another. Depending on the age, sex, height and the starting weight, the amount of required by the body changes, but it should never be under 1200 calories per day. Talk to the doctor to obtain a personalized calorie allowance. Eating less and losing weight applies up to a point because if you go below the calorie limit per day, the metabolism will slow down and begin to store fat as a reserve for “darker days”. So, instead of dropping pounds, you keep adding. Metabolism must be kept running within optimum parameters to lose weight, and this can be done by eating healthy meals and snack all day long. The diet must include plenty protein, fibers, healthy fats, vegetables and fruits which will fuel the body to burn fat, reduce inflammation, build muscles and lose more weight while using Phentermine.

The healthy foods can increase the benefits of Phentermine and make the active ingredients work for longer so you can get the best results and lose weight faster. This kind of foods has the potential of turning the urinary PH more alkaline and making the body eliminate at a slower rate the phentermine from the system. This way the body can benefit for longer from the effects of high energy and suppressed appetite. On the other hand, foods with high content of salt, sugar, preservatives and saturated fat like ice cream, butter, alcohol, diet soda stimulate the body to eliminate faster the phentermine and the urinary PH becomes acid. These foods must be avoided entirely during the treatment.

If these advice doesn’t help you suppress hunger the way you hoped to, you can use Phen Caps to boost the suppressant effect phentermine has on the appetite.  Combining your prescription with this supplement will enhance the effects of Phentermine. Phan Caps contain different ingredients than the drug itself and complete its influence on the body helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

Combine Cardio And Weight-Bearing Exercise

Eating healthy and taking Phentermine is a beneficial step and it will bring results. But adding physical exercises to the equation is what will make you obtained the desired results. The winning combination for achieving your weight loss goals is diet, phentermine, and training. If you are not a sporty person, try to find a physical activity you enjoy, but if you are up to include some cardio and weight lifting into your daily routine, the phentermine will help you rapidly lose the extra weight. Running, cycling, dancing or aerobics get your heartbeat up, which will boost metabolism and help you burn fat faster while lifting weights will tone up your body and build muscle. Lean muscle can contribute to calorie burn and increase metabolism even when you rest. The best news is that only 10 to 15 minutes of exercises a day, repeated three times a week, are enough to bring a difference.

Establish a healthy lifestyle

Quite often the difference between obtaining good results and excellent results with Phentermine is a healthy lifestyle. To achieve results with this treatment, you must be healthy, which means you must relax and get enough sleep. This way the side effects of phentermine like clouded thinking or mood changes are canceled.

Sleep has many benefits for the body. It helps reduce the stress and is a handy aid in losing weight. Insomnia is one of the side effects generated by phentermine, so you could be tempted to use sleeping pills, but the can reduce the impact of the medication by increasing the acid level of the urinary PH. If needed, it is recommended to use sleeping supplements based on 5-HTP, like Phen Vites. These are mainly multivitamins which regulate sleep and don’t influence the activity of phentermine whatsoever, so it will help you sleep better, improve your mood, reduce anxiety, suppress appetite and lose more weight. Phen Vites are the best option to support the weight loss with phentermine, and they contain high levels of magnesium, biotin, vitamins A, B12, C and E

Phentermine is a valuable weight loss pill which can only be obtained with a medical prescription. Although it was proven to bring excellent results in a very short time, it comes with an extensive series of side effects. Taking this treatment under medical supervision is essential. Remember, Phentermine is not a wonder pill, in order to obtain the maximum weight loss results you must add to the mix a healthy lifestyle with healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

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