Popular Weight Loss Diets Explained

The Dukan Diet

Made famous worldwide by the Hollywood celebs, the Dukan diet proposes a protein-based approach towards achieving the goal of weight loss. Structured on different stages of dieting, the Dukan diet starts with the so-called Attack stage in which you declare war on kilograms. This is the most extreme stage of the diet in which you exclusively consume protein. The Cruise phase follows the attack and alternates between a day in which you only eat proteins and days in which you combine proteins with vegetables. The Consolidation stage is more permissive but at the same time the most vulnerable stage of the diet. During this stage, you have to fight the body’s tendency of gaining back the kilos lost in the previous two steps.

To be able to maintain on a long run the results of this diet, Doctor Dukan recommends keeping for the rest of your life an attacking day every week. That is a day in which you only eat pure protein. Sustained and moderated physical effort and consumption of three spoons of oat flakes a day are the other essential rules of definitive stabilization after the Dukan diet.[1]

The Macrobiotic Diet

Based on the Asian, and more specifically Japanese principles of nutrition, the macrobiotic diet combines food and spirituality in a paradigm that is supposed to become a long-term lifestyle, and not only a short-term diet. Based on the yin and yang duality, the macrobiotic diet promotes a balance between the two. While the yin food is cold, sweet, and passive, the yang food is hot, salty, and aggressive. Apart from the perfect balancing between the two energy poles, some foods and drinks are not allowed to be consumed when following a macrobiotic diet, due to their toxicity levels. These foods are processed fats, dairy, sweets, coffee and caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, refined flour, spicy spices, preservatives, potatoes, zucchini, and meat except for fish which is allowed.

Associated with the consequent practice of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation, the macrobiotic diet is considered to bring a lot of benefits to both body and mind, one of them being a loss of weight.[2]

The Alkaline Diet

Proving to be very effective in weight loss, heart disease, insomnia, or inflammation, the alkaline diet is more a detox diet that has as a primary principle consuming just foods that help you maintain the PH of your blood at a chemical level of between 7.35 and 7.45. According to this diet, the ultimate goal and ideal nutrition lifestyle would be to eat 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods. While alkaline are almost all the green veggies and some fruits like lemons, oranges, kiwi, or grapefruits, together with almonds, and a series of cereals and vegetal oils such as olive oil, the acidic foods consist mostly of all the foods that are of animal provenience plus the refined sugars and alcoholic drinks and coffee. The alkaline diet consists of a mainly vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, in which small portions of acidic food are allowed on a daily basis with the condition of not passing over the 20% limit.[3]

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