Popular Weight Loss Supplements Reviewed

We have observed throughout the years the most widely used weight loss supplements and we have reviewed the top 3 of them based on popularity.

1. GC Fresh Garcinia Cambogia

GC Fresh Garcinia Cambogia is a dietary supplement whose primary goal is helping you reduce weight. It is one of the latest innovations in diet supplementation, and its formula is based on 60% HCA, that is hydroxyl citric acid, a derivate form of citric acid. This acid is extracted from the fruit Garcinia Cambogia which originates in India. The supplements can help people who struggle with obesity reduce some weight and. It is also useful to people who just want to drop some pounds to look better and feel fitter.

What makes this supplement efficient?

gc-fresh-garcinia-cambogia-white-bottle-250x470The high amounts of HCA in GC Fresh Garcinia Cambogia supplements are the weight loss trigger.  These acids work by preventing the formation of adenosine triphosphatase-citrate-lyase. These are enzymes that support fat cell development.

Several studies took into account the effect of Garcinia Cambogia in weight loss programs. The truth is that the results differed a lot. Some researchers concluded that this supplement leads to insignificant weight loss. Other trials found that the supplement is highly efficient in decreasing the subcutaneous fat.

All in all, most scientific reports concluded that this pills could provide minor weight loss benefits. By minor, we mean you get about 1-2 pounds in up to six months.

The product’s capabilities might be enhanced if you are also willing to combine supplementation with a regular exercise routine.

Most diet pills based on Garcinia Cambogia include a high amount of this substance to enhance results. The downside to GC Fresh is that we don’t know precisely how much Garcinia Cambogia it includes. The exact dosage isn’t specified on the label. Another minus is that we don’t find too much info about the rest of the ingredients either.

Additional effects claimed by the manufacturers are:

  • Decreased appetite: the HCA in this supplement can achieve some effects in this regard because it enhances the levels of serotonin. This hormone increases our general well-being and sense of balance which sometimes accounts for a lower appetite.
  • It helps you fight sugar addiction
  • The supplement is said to boost the mood
  • Regular supplementation should increase your level of energy
  • Enhanced concentration skills

Side effects and contraindications

There is no evidence that this supplement produces significant side effects.

So far, only mild side effects have been registered. They include:

  • Dry mouth sensation
  • Dizziness
  • Symptoms associated to upset stomach

The supplements are contraindicated in the following situations:

  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • Diabetes patients should avoid it because it can lead to hypoglycemia
  • Patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer

Where can you find it?

GC Fresh Garcinia Cambogia became quite famous in the past years, especially on the American market. It owes its popularity to TV advertisements and good marketing strategies.  The supplement is pretty easy to find in specialized stores and it can also be ordered online. The price is similar to those of other dietary products, and you get a discount if you purchase multiple bottles.

Bottom line

While this supplement might provide some weight loss benefits, it is surely not a wonder pill. There isn’t sufficient clinical evidence to support the effectiveness of the product. Don’t expect to lose those pounds just by taking one pill a day while you maintain unhealthy dietary habits. Like any other diet supplement, it can only help you if you combine supplementation with regular physic activity and eliminate unhealthy foods from your menu.

2. Nucific Bio X4

nucific-bio-x4-bottle-250x402According to its manufacturer, Nucific was founded on the idea that the body is meant to function at its peak performance. Although they acknowledge that exercise and a proper diet can help us live a longer and healthier life, they take pride in the fact that Nucific uses only powerful ingredients, free of synthetics, fillers, lactose or gluten and can represent an alternative if you want to lose weight.

All that being said, Nucific Bio X4 is a weight management probiotic. Probiotics are active yeasts that interact with the bacteria that live in your gut, also known as good bacteria, essential for your body to function correctly.

Nucific Bio X4 is composed of four major proven nutrients including probiotics, digestive enzymes, and green tea extract. All those four nutrients work together and are helping your body to absorb all of the nutrients found in the food you’re eating. This combination also is good for your immune system, increasing its resistance and its ability to fight illness. Another property of this combination of nutrients is that it can accelerate the metabolic rate as well as to suppress the need for snacks and junk food, and by doing this it helps you to lose weight and to stay in shape.

All of the above sounds great but what about Nucific Bio side effects? It seems that because is using natural ingredients no significant side effects were reported (probably because Bio X4 is still new on the market), is gluten free and allergen free. However, some users can experience bloating or gas due to an upset stomach.

Nucific Bio X4 Final Assesment

Nucific Bio X4 is a weight management probiotic without any additives, it maintains a healthy digestion, it supports the immune system, and it is free of gluten, lactose, etc.

It is still a new product; there are few opinions regarding its side effects and its influence on your overall health. It is good to have in mind that if you are looking to assimilate probiotics, you can find them in yogurt or natural juice and if you are looking to lose weight, you can begin to eat healthier, adopt a sports regime, go for a walk or subscribe to a gym.

Furthermore, it is always good to know that there are alternatives and it is up to us to choose what we think is better for us, but don’t forget to choose wisely and well informed.

3. PhenQ

PhenQ is a pill destined for weight loss and the name comes from the famous prescription drug Phentermine often used by people to lose weight, but it had many nasty side effects. PhenQ is a remake of the original pill which contained several stimulants but, the only stimulant in this one is caffeine, and the principal ingredient is Calcium Carbonate along with several antioxidants.

phenq-supplement-400x377The producers of this weight loss pill say that it is a wonderful product that will burn fat, make you eat less by suppressing your appetite, blocks fat production, it increases energy levels and improves your mood. Online you can find information that states that calcium carbonate, the main ingredient doesn’t have properties that help with weight loss but some studies have shown that it is not the case some have shown that the ingredients in PhenQ have excellent results in weight loss.

PhenQ is manufactured by a company which is based in Dubai. The product is claimed to be manufactured in FDA approved facilities, but there is no reliable information about the location where it is produced, and it is likely to be produced both in the US and the UK. This is an essential aspect because products which are produced in the US go through thorough evaluations to make sure there are no illegal or harmful substances in the product. Potential customers will look at this information, and if the product is manufactured outside the US, they will unlikely consider buying it.

The ingredients in PhenQ are: Calcium Carbonate which like stated previously might or may not have effects in weight loss, Caffeine Anhydrous which is in fact caffeine in the form of a powder, L Carnitine Fumerate which is an amino acid found in meat and vegetables, A Lacy Reset which contains alpha lipoic acid and cysteine, Nopal which is a source of mineral manganese, Magnesium Stearate that prevents ingredients from sticking, Capsicum extract which is found in chilly-peppers, Sipernat which is a carrier substance, Niacin or vitamin B3, Piperine found in black pepper and Chromium Pricolinate a naural trace mineral. As we can see most of the ingredients have natural sources, which is a big plus in the eye of a customer.

Some say that most the ingredients in PhenQ are fillers which may not have too many effects on weight loss. Another aspect that might be a concern is that ingesting Calcium Carbonate in high doses might have adverse effects on our health like nausea, vomiting and it can also cause a high level of calcium in the blood.

On the other hand, there are a lot of users who praise this product and its effects on weight loss, increasing energy levels, suppressing appetite and improving moods. These users tell their stories with the fight against weight loss and how the discovery of this supplement helped them lose the weight they wanted effortless and in a healthy way. The product contains ingredients which are beneficial in these customer’s eyes, and they saw results in just a few days, it is easy to take because it is recommended to take two capsules a day and nothing more.

On the negative side, some users complained about the fact that the capsules are too big to swallow, results in losing weight were not seen even after quite some time of using the product plus a program of exercise. Some people say that this product doesn’t contain anything that could not be found in a balanced diet and the diet eliminates the risk of ingesting high doses of Calcium Carbonate.

As far as research is concerned there is some contradictory information on the web about this product. Some sites state that there are a lot of promising studies that have shown that the product has impressive properties in burning fat and energy boost. On other sites, there is discouraging information which states there is no indication of the amount of every ingredient included in the product which is a cause for concern also many people are concerned about the effects of using Calcium Carbonate in high amounts. Other negative opinions are about the price of the product even if for some it might seem attractive some just don’t understand why a product which mostly contains a cheap ingredient like Calcium Carbonate has such a high price.

It is a much-controverted product like any weight loss products found on the market, and this is because the weight is such a delicate subject in our days. Everyone wants to lose weight quickly, efficiently, in the healthiest way possible and with small amounts of effort. PhenQ seems to have positive effects on some users which seem to be happy with the ingredients this product contains, with the effects and the time it took for this results to be seen. Some customers are not satisfied at all; in fact, there are concerns about the main ingredient of the product, many say they have not noticed any effect even after an extended period of using the supplement which was combined with exercise. The bottom line is each body reacts. Differently, each person has different opinions about what a weight loss supplement should be, and this makes this product a reason for controversy and difference in the opinion just like most weight loss supplements found on the market.

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