Win the Weight Loss Battle with Help from CLA Safflower Oil

It seems that obesity has become quite the issue nowadays because a significant number of people are dealing with it. The reasons behind this are numerous, and sociologists say that this extra body fat is something deep rooted in childhood. The way you were taught to eat and when to eat are essential aspects regarding figuring out where this whole thing has started.

The issue becomes even more complicated when children are involved. A little body, still developing, is bound to prepare the path towards much more complex health concerns for the mature one. It is the parents’ responsibility to educate their little ones on how to adequately nurture their bodies because what you get to see and witness in your childhood leaves dark marks on the adult of tomorrow.

The thing is that the majority of people dealing with extra body fat seem not to have such an organized sporting culture. The fact that they prefer to “react” to this whole fast food industry is worrying and somehow disappointing because of there so many much healthier foods surrounding us.

Even though this fast food culture is abundant in fats and glucosides, specialists feel like they are facing a genuine paradox. It seems that while trying to lose weight by eating less junk food, we get not to eat enough fats, better said the healthy fats that the human body needs to function normally. Such a healthy fat is the conjugated linoleic acid, known as CLA.

An overview on CLA

The conjugated linoleic acid has been first mentioned in the ’80 when a group of researchers is focusing their work on anti cancerous factors, figured out that this acid exists in the beef meat. The studies they carried out have revealed how CLA has the great capacity of reducing the cancerous tissues in lab animals.

In the same time, through more testing and experimenting with it, researchers were able also to observe other significant benefits of this acid, such as limiting the accumulation of fats deposits within the body’s tissues and of the inappropriate allotment of nutritious substances.

CLA can be found in red meat, lamb meat and in dairy products. However, such foods which contain healthy fats, cannot be accepted in a weight loss diet. For a body to get the necessary CLA intake, so that visible effects can occur,  one person would need to eat a significant amount of them. These foods bring along a high caloric intake, and they also consist of saturated fats which are considered to actuate cancer and heart diseases.

Moreover, the human body is not “built” so that it can transform the linoleic acid into the conjugated form. Therefore, if the system does not possess enough CLA, all the fats taken from such foods cannot be burned and used as energy. This is how the human body will gain extra weight through these fats depositing within its tissues.

Where can you get your CLA?

Opinions differ from specialist to specialist, because some pharmaceutical companies have made some agreements with certain brands in order to earn more money. Therefore, some nutritionists, for example, will always recommend you to buy dietary supplements containing CLA. Nothing wrong with that, but how can you tell that those pills or capsules will do you any good?

The market is so abundant in numerous brands, and each of them seems to be willing to turn to any advertising “tool” just to make their product popular. This also includes stating false promises and claims regarding the way their product will work for your body.

On the other hand, there is a decent number of specialists who advise people to get their necessary CLA amount from the safflower oil. This vegetal oil is believed to contain the highest rate of conjugated linoleic acid. Many brands of various CLA dietary supplements claim that their products contain only pure and natural safflower oil, where the acid comes from.

What is it about this oil?

Some laboratories, where such dietary supplements are made, have decided to turn to nature’s help for taking the needed resources for the production phase. Therefore, after several studies have been carried out, researchers discovered that safflower, this ordinary, yet remarkable plant, is filled with carthamin. This substance is believed to be abundant in linoleic acids, in comparison with other vegetal oils.

Therefore, those laboratories mentioned earlier take their conjugated linoleic acid from the carthamin oil. After this extraction process, they put into those dietary capsules you read about online, or you hear about on TV.

But what would you think about taking safflower oil like such, instead of spending some quite significant amounts of money on those pills? Apart from the fact that you will get your CLA intake, you will also benefit from other great features of this oil.

It seems that the safflower oil will not only support your body in getting rid of those unpleasant extra pounds, but it will also clean your liver, thanks to its antioxidant effects. The vitamin E contained in it, in a high amount I would dare to say, like more than you could find in other vegetal oils, is great for your skin and hair.

So there are several ways in which you can use this. Not to mention that it is far cheaper than any dietary supplement you will find available on the market. It is only a matter of you deciding whether you have enough patience and care for your body so that you can choose either a pill, suspiciously made, most of the time, in laboratories, or a natural vegetal oil, like the safflower one. So do your best and make the right choice!

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